Come see Kaseyn and Rush at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison WI April 9-12

Kaseyn will be in Liberty on Friday Night and trials for TNT Challenge.  

Stallion Review will be announced for both Stallions soon!!


Purebred Arabian Stallion

American Warmblood Approved Breeding Stallion

AWS Auction Stallion

Bronze Medal National Inspection Scores.

Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire

American Warmblood Society Inspection Results:
Kaseyn 79.9% Silver Medal Winner with 8.2 at the walk, 7.9 at the trot and 8.3 Sporthorse Potential

 American Warmblood Society Inspection Results:
CV Maranello
Gold Rush
78.327% Gold Medal Winner 
 8.2 at the walk, 7.8 at the trot and 8.0 Sporthorse Potential


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